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For Your Client

Scan the QR code
Scan the QR Code

Customers will use their mobile phones to scan the unique QR code that is placed on their table. This will bring up your menu which they can browse at their leisure.

Place your order
Place your order

Customers can view specials of the day, see images and nutritional information, and place their order directly from the menu by selecting their item of choice.

Request your bill
Request your bill

In order to make your restaurant service even more efficient, customers can request their bill directly from the app, thus cutting down on wait times and unnecessary contact.

For Your Restaurant And Cafes

Scan the QR code
Upload your menu

You can upload your own menu yourself, or opt to send it to us and we can set it up for you. We will then show you how to create and edit menus for the future.

Place your order
Allow your customers to scan your QR Code menu

Your restaurant’s unique QR code will bring up your menu right to your customers mobile phone, thus eliminating the need for unnecessary contact with wait staff.

Request your bill
Your clients can order, pay and call the waiter

Your customers can place their order, request their bill, and even pay, all through their mobile devices. If waiter service is required, customers can request this from the app, maximizing efficiency.

Main Features

Contactless menus

Traditional menus are often handled and touched by multiple people. By replacing the need for physical menus, you make your customers’ experience safe and hassle-free. Simply by scanning a QR code, customers can access the menu, browse, and place their order.

In-app ordering

In-app ordering

Customers can browse menu items, view detailed information and photos of each product, and easily place their order right then and there, and send it directly to your dashboard for a completely contactless, integrated user experience.

In-app ordering

Pay or add to tab

Make payments a seamless experience by eliminating the need for unnecessary handling of cash and credit cards. When they’re ready to leave, customers can simply request their bill and pay for their order or add it to their tab, safely and securely, using their own phones

Pay or add to tab
Call the waiter

Call the waiter

Streamline your staff’s efficiency by allowing customers to contact waiters directly via their phones. Wait staff will receive a notification instantly and can manage customer requests more efficiently, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

Call the waiter

Order and Collect

Customers can place their order and they will get notified when their order is ready to collect it. No need to wait at the counter in line for their order. They can also optionally pay via the app

Pay or add to tab

Safety First!

1 Manage orders

2 Get real-time access to your restaurant’s data/analytics

3 Update real time your menu items, availability and photos

4 Receive orders in your kitchen straight from your customers

5 Provide efficiency to your waiters

safety first
Let us help you

Let us help you!

You’ve got questions about how to get started? We’ve got answers, let us help you!

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How does the contactless menu work?

A unique QR code for your restaurant will be available at each table for customers to scan using their mobile phone devices. This will bring up your menu on their phones, which they can then browse at their leisure. Once they have made their selection, they can order, pay, and even call a waiter, all from within the app.

How many restaurants can I add?

You can create as many restaurant menus as you wish! Each restaurant will need to be managed by its own account.

As a franchise, can I use the same menu across all my restaurants and pay for a single plan?

If you don’t wish to enable in-app ordering, you can use the same menu across all restaurants. If you opt for in-app ordering, each restaurant location will require a separate menu. If your franchise comprises more than 3 restaurants, get in touch with us for a special price!

Do customers need to download an app?

Customers don’t need to download an app to view your menu. However, placing orders will require the use of an application. This is because apps provide better security for online payments, as well as more efficient communication through the use of push notifications to inform customers of their order status. This provides your customers with a more satisfactory experience.

Can I customize my menu?

Yes, you can add food categories, food items, product options etc. See our demo video for more details.

Can i upload a new menu and use the same QR code?

Yes, the QR code for a restaurant never changes! You can change your menu as many times you want without worrying about this.

Can I upload my own menu, or do I send it to you?

Both! You can create your own menu or you can send it to us to do it for you. This is an option available for all paid plans. Simply send your menu to [email protected] and we will set it up within the next 3 business days. We can also show you how to create your own menu and make changes to it.

Are there any scan limits?

No, there are no limits on scans on any of our plans!

Is there a minimum/maximum number of items for each menu?

No, we offer unlimited items on each menu for all plans!

How does group ordering work?

Click here to watch our instructional video.

Can customers split their bill?

Each customer can view the amount they owe individually, but only one person can pay per order. If they wish, customers can place their orders individually.

Can customers add tips to their bill?

Yes, we offer the option of adding a tip at checkout.

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